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Sustainable Brands

Sustainability is a journey with no destination. Sustainability is a troublesome word because it has different meanings for different people, and different goals from different perspectives. The word is both broad in theory and specific in practice.

A “new normal” landscape has introduced new paradigms of consumer connections. However, the public is often reactionary, so sustainability messages must align goals and values and present them with consistency—and simplicity.

Consumers seeking a more sustainable lifestyle are sensitive and selective in their daily choices. But all consumers are overwhelmed and emotionally drained by the countless decisions in their lives. Making decisions easier can bridge the gaps between consumers’ skepticism and acceptance.

It’s a common phrase for hikers and campers: “Leave no trace behind.” Similarly, conscientious golf enthusiasts start a round of play with an unspoken mission: to leave the course in better condition than they found it. It seems a natural progression to leave our planet in better condition than we found it, and leave our species with another value—remainability.

Sustainable Brands
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