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Resonant Tones

Pitch, timbre and amplitude do not exist in a vacuum. Just as an individual doesn’t know the sound of his or her own voice, neither do many brands and companies. Is it clear and concise? …lofty and aspirational? …thoughtful and cautious? A finely honed voice and tone for a brand carries both rational and emotional weight in consumers’ minds and hearts.

Though there’s still a place for the hard sell, many modern consumers are jaded, skeptical, and put off by loud marketing campaigns. Stories with strength and relevance don’t always need to shout when quiet confidence can speak with greater power. Tones that are conversational, formal, light, direct, or quirky can both resonate and differentiate.

Even shapes can have tonal qualities and emotional meaning for consumers, often at visceral and subconscious levels. Ergonomic and functional design features can add another layer of brand-to-consumer communication. But as important as it is to expand the positive associations of a brand experience, avoiding unintended negative perceptions is even more so.

Resonant Tones
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