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Authentic Stories

The devil is in the details. Authentic stories are both accessible and alluring, and the strongest brand stories are built on a foundation of human values. The values of the owners, the values of the company’s mission, and the values that consumers emulate when they associate themselves with that brand.

The truth is, you don’t own your brand. Your customers do. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a core brand proposition that can be central and authentic. Core brand values develop from the interaction between consumers and the totality of a company’s products, services, advertising, media, and packaging. Consumers create their own narratives based on the stories a brand presents.

Today’s consumers are very sensitive to disingenuous communications. And they have more resources than ever to check up on claims by brands and corporations. However, an authentic story doesn’t have to explain everything or be overly involved to be communicated well or appreciated instantly. Brands can cut to the chase; often, consumers demand it.

Authenticity is not only conveyed with words. Appropriate shapes and colors for a brand can, by themselves, immediately convey authenticity and trustworthiness. The most successful brand stories—the ones that last—also convey empathy, purpose and values beyond the consumer touch points.

Authentic Stories
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