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Packaging Design 2012 Conference (hosted by Packaging Digest): The “Purpose-Driven Design” session explored the value propositions of brand, product, and packaging innovations.

Sustainable Brands 2012 (hosted by Sustainable Life Media): This session on the latest developments and strategies in sustainable packaging brought together insights and best practices from Dell, UPS, Green Mountain Coffee and Romanik Communications.


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Authentic Stories (Tequila Category)
Resonant Tones (Ludens; PDF)
Sustainable Brands (Distant Village)
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Thinking Big

In early 20th Century India, Mahatma Gandhi found a way to help Indians break free of oppressive British rule. He encouraged citizens to make their own clothes with the help of an inexpensive spinning wheel.

Could there be another moment like that in the West with consumer brands and packaging? Maybe, with a home device, consumers could process used packaging into building materials for home additions, like plastic lumber, can bricks, or glass-shard foundation, or paperboard modular shelving. You never know.

Don’t scoff, it was tried 50 years ago, by a brand with a long history of innovation.

Thinking Small

One of the smallest innovations at retail triggered a gigantic shift in consumer perception. I’m talking about the price tag. The “inventor,” John Wanamaker, was a principled man that believed in honesty in branding, marketing and advertising.

He felt that if everyone was equal before God, then everyone should be equal before price. All the other retailers had to scramble to catch up.