The Pen Is Mightier Than…

…well, a lot of things, actually. A sword, for one, metaphorically.

In this case, the B2P “Bottle 2 Pen” by Pilot is mightier than the virgin plastic industry. The B2P pen is made from recycled plastic bottles, and proves that the performance of a plastic product need not be compromised when using recycled content.

Though the package is pretty heavy with marketing, a combined graphic and structural element tells the whole story quickly. The right side of the package features an image of a plastic bottle, and the die-cut edge follows the contours of a “typical” plastic bottle. I’m sure many consumers get the product concept at the very first glance.

But the package backs up the concept with plenty of benefit statements. The first hurdle of many eco products is to reassure shoppers new to the product that it works just as effectively as established, non-eco brands. The performance benefits follow category conventions to downplay any doubt. “Smooth Writing,” “Comfortable Grip,” and “Refillable” could be found on any pen package.

Top of the package, though, is a differentiator to get shoppers excited: “World’s First Pen Made From Recycled Bottles!” Placed on the “shoulder” of the picture of the bottle, the claim adds legitimacy, as does the B2P icon/logo. The power of icons on packaging is undeniable; however, more is not always better. Discretion is the better part of valor and the like, and but that’s a topic for another time.